Organic Dry Shampoo Powder
Organic Dry Shampoo Powder
Organic Dry Shampoo Powder
Organic Dry Shampoo Powder
Organic Dry Shampoo Powder

Organic Dry Shampoo Powder

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All-Natural Dry Shampoo that will target excess oils and freshen hair between washes or whenever you need a quick volume boost.

Organic | Non-Toxic | Vegan | Cruelty-Free


✔️ All hair colors

This dry shampoo is very gentle on the scalp and made from all natural ingredients that absorb excess oils without weighing down your hair. A quick application, followed by a shake out is all you need to refresh roots on those busy days. 

Unlike most dry shampoos that tend to be rough on the scalp, our unique ingredient combination of Lavender and Moroccan Rhassoul Clay make a wonderful hair treatment! At the end of the day, add a little water, massage, then work in with your favorite liquid shampoo before rinsing off. 

NOTE: The Dry Shampoo comes in a non-aerosol 4 oz aluminum bottle. Using the powder form allows for better control and decreases the risk of inhalation (you are not being exposed to the contents under pressure). 

Place a small amount on the palm of your hands and rub together. Spread over top and back of head, working into roots. Shake out the excess with fingers. Repeat if necessary. Style as usual.

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Organic Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Essential Oil, Linalool*

*Naturally occurring essential oil constituent.

Size: 4 oz.

***To ensure freshness, our products are handcrafted once a week in small batches and shipped out Monday mornings. We have limited quantities available.***

Thank you for supporting our small business!

IG/FB: @theyandwlab

Our products are made without preservatives. Please use at time of purchase and within 6 - 12 months of opening.
For external use only. Keep away from children. Do not inhale powder. Read ingredient list prior to use. Although all ingredients are considered non-toxic and very gentle for topical use, if irritation does occur, rinse off and discontinue use immediately. Do not use during pregnancy. If being treated for a health condition, consult with your doctor before using any product containing essential oils. When using new products, it is recommended to perform a patch test by applying a small amount on inner arm. If there is no reaction within 1-2 hours, you may proceed according to label instructions. 
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